The photographs on your marketing material including  website, brochures, business cards, etc. form the basis of the corporate image that the client sees and perceives. 

The stock images used in website designs are not customized to and therefore do not reflect you and your practice. Seeing real content in terms of that dentist, the staff and practice photographs is a unique way of boosting the client’s confidence. This is also true for patient testimonials. 

​​Professionally done interior shoots and dental team headshots set you apart from the rest and says more about your practice than anything else.


BayWell Dental Centre, Toronto


Facebook Albums

  • Burlington Dental Academy Pub Night (Public)
  • Burlington Dental Academy monthly meeting April ’15 (Private)
  • Burlington Dental Academy Full Day Seminar Feb ’15 (Private)
  • Burlington Dental Academy monthly meeting Jan ’15 (Private)
  • Canadian Dental Protective Association AGM Sep ‘15 (Private)
  • Canadian Iraqi Dental Society Annual Picnic Aug ‘15 (Private)

The following event albums are mostly private and protected.

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Norton Dental, Mississauga

Dental Practice Team Photography