●​    Fundamentals of Photography & their simplified clinical application
●    Learning to ‘see’ common errors
●    Familiarization with equipment

  • Types and parts of Camera
  • Required Accessories

●    Understanding camera controls & settings
●    Extra-oral and intra-oral views

  • Frontal / Facial
  • Lateral / Oblique
  • Occlusal / Profile

●    Creating impact for case acceptance

Dr. Abbas Naqvi BDS, G Cert (Journalism), Dip (Marketing)
Director, See Factor (Dental Media & Marketing)

Good Photographs, professionally done Videos and a well-planned social media strategy are invaluable to help take the image of your practice to the next level. Indeed, seeing is believing.


Participants need to bring their own gear

Lecture only - $125+tax 
Lecture + Hands-on - $250+tax​

(905) 829-8839 | info@tdlc.ca

Join us for an exciting and interactive day to better understand the relationships between the lasting impact of visual communication tools on your clients, with a special focus on simplifying Dental Photography for effective use in your practice for better record keeping, lab communication as well as marketing.

 for Effective Marketing and Case Acceptance 



A highly competitive dental industry means that the individual or business with the best-perceived image of quality, complemented with a matching experience, will have a higher chance of success than others.

Also included are brief reviews of:
●    Marketing Videos
●    Virtual Tours
●    Personalized Media for your Branding


Dental Photography

  • Dentists
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Dental Assistants
  • Dental Office Managers

Pre and post-lecture quizzes to help participants evaluate their learning & understanding.

Dr. Naqvi is a dental media and marketing professional with formal education and work experience in Dentistry, Journalism and Marketing. He brings applied knowledge of the relationships between these disciplines from his association with various organizations including professional multinational groups.


Strategic Partner:

Friday, June 24, 2016 from 9am-5pm at TDLC - The Dental Learning Centre
2892 South Sheridan Way, Oakville, ON